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“Premium products – Premium service – Premium difference”

Market ready – do you know how to best present your operations to the underwriting community as profitable business to them – does your agent – is it being done?  We do this. It makes a big difference.

Simplified purchase – you don’t want to deal with insurance as you don’t like it and don’t want the time. Our To Know You Is to Love You system is designed to be comprehensive in a one stop way. The objective is for us to understand operations, how you create revenue and profit and what your customers value, and insurance related exposure.  It is thorough and efficient and the product of many years and study, good well-built experience, and yes, some mistakes - we are proud of where 30 years of hard work has gotton us and what that’s allowed us to do for clients in 2020. In addition, in certain instances we can offer a short form approach, for those kicking the tires or starting out and who may just want a general guidance and indication.
Renewal management – is critical. Again our renewal systems objective is to get your program in front of and being worked on by underwriters as early as possible. Doing this eliminates the anxiety that can exist in the process, and allows for proper planning, budgeting, and oversight – and no surprises.

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“Premium products – Premium service – Premium difference”

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Our Story

Paradigm was formed in 2008 to be a resource and solution to organizations in reducing overall cost of risk. In 2018 Paradigm aligned with Agency Network Exchange, thereby making available deeper and stronger carrier resources to clients.
Paradigm is led by Dan Gilligan, a 30+ year agent and consultant, having earned industry designations to include Certified Insurance Counselor, Accredited Advisor in Insurance, and Certified Risk Manager (CIC, AAI, CRM).

Paradigm clients range from the smallest organizations to public companies and Paradigm systems and approach is consistent in seeking to reduce these organizations overall cost of risk and allow for no surprises.  This process sets on our core business principles of integrity, honesty, empathy, creativity, enthusiasm, and clear and regular communication. We deal this way consistently with our three audiences of clients, carrier partners, and wholesalers/program managers.

“We have yet to meet the organization inattentive to their total cost of insurance”

“Premium products – Premium service – Premium difference”

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