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Adviser Services

Adviser Services is our program to support accountants, attorneys and other influential advisers with insurance and risk management services, as they seek to best serve their clients. At times, it is of value to have a resource that is immersed in the world of insurance and risk management and with whom an adviser can have a conversation that considers the desired outcome of the client and the nuance of the circumstances. Oftentimes, this starts with a phone call regarding a client problem, whether it be relating to a claim, audit, premium or just determining who may be the right person to get to at an insurance company; these are welcome phone calls.

The accountant / attorney relationship has, over the years, proven to be our best means of entree to new relationships. Recognizing this, and the value that we have brought to advisers and their clients, we have a specific service offering that allows advisers to have exactly what they want. We offer specific services With our broad and deep experience in the insurance and risk management industry, and our partnership with one of the top ten largest global insurance brokers, we provide a unique, practical, and transparent offering to advisers.  Please contact us for our presentation pdf for Advisers. 
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