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About Us

We are a group of seasoned insurance executives, with our core team having worked together for the past nine years.  Throughout our years in the business, we’ve focused on gaining particular skill sets and resources to best serve our vertical markets.  We first started working with medical and technology businesses in 1992.  At that time, we partnered with carriers interested in offering insurance programs for “High Tech” accounts.  Our background in the medical malpractice market combined with our interest in technology companies led us to the medical products and life sciences markets.  Our first referral to a medical communications company was in 1995, and we've developed that into all types of firms who provide services to pharma and med products, both clinical and non-clinical. One common aspect of our verticals is that they have grown and changed over the past twenty years, and we work everyday to continue to understand their evolving operations and exposures, so that our products and services best protect our clients from negative financial surprises.

Non-profits became an agency focus due to our private company execs serving on their boards, and inviting us in to those organizations to provide the same rigorous approach that we offered to their business.  It’s been rewarding and a great part of our business.

We continually work with insurers to see that our offerings best meet the needs and expectations of our clients.  We are supported by a core group of underwriters who work with us in crafting the specific terms that may be best for a particular client.  Having a background with our focused markets gives us a perspective that helps us understand and address the issues that our clients expect us to understand and address.  Our experience helps us be efficient and at the same time thoughtful in providing our products and services, and is the cornerstone of our success.

Dan Gilligan - President
Certified Risk Manager
Certified Insurance Counselor
Accredited Advisor in Insurance

Dan’s start in the insurance business came after working at Allied Signal, where he worked directly in the New Ventures Group, developing applications for and then selling new technologies.  Always an agent in the insurance business, Dan started with Herder Tarricone in New Jersey, and rose to become an officer and shareholder in the firm.  After fifteen years with HT, Dan left to head a branch office of ADP/Statewide where he maintained both generalist insurance business and built up our focused markets.  In 2011 Paradigm was started to formalize our focused approach and work on strategies to provide greater value to our focused markets clients.

Elaine Niemann - VP Underwriting and Client Services
Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter
Chartered Life Underwriter
Certified Insurance Counselor

Elaine oversees all client and underwriter communication, while also developing and maintaining our protocols and client checklists.  Her twenty year career in the insurance business includes everything from working as an outside account exec and salesperson, to forming and providing required oversight to a risk retention group. 

Our relationship with Agency Network Exchange (ANE) - market and operations support

In 2018, we were honored to have been invited to join ANE, a regional group of independent agencies.  Through this partnership, we are assisted with market access, operational expertise and support, essentially allowing us to benefit from larger company systems and structure.  From the main office in Monmouth Junction, NJ, ANE supports our back office, allowing our team to best use our competencies in providing higher level client value.  We proudly operate Paradigm as a Member Company of ANE.


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